Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day & Other Troxler Posters

As far as images go, Earth Day turns out to be quite a yawn. I was hoping to uncover and post all the fabulous posters of the last four decades, but alas, mediocrity is mostly what I found.

I did find one winner—this 1992 poster by Swiss designer Niklaus Troxler. Simple to the point of abstraction, it needs no type to to remind us of the violence we inflict upon our environment. Now, I might not get away with this anywhere else, but since this is my blog, I’ve decided that instead of boring you with Earth Day posters (which you are welcome to see here and here), I’ll show more of Troxler’s work.

Discovering jazz as a teenager, Troxler organized his first concert in 1966 at age 19. While passionate about music, he pursued his other passion, graphic design, as a career. In 1975, he united the two by producing the first annual ‘Jazz in Willisau’ festival and creating all the related visual material. Over the course of the ensuing 35 years, Troxler has designed an astonishing number of posters in a wide range of styles for the festival and for the performances of the participating artists. You can see them all on his website. Michael Beirut was quoted in a NY Times article about Troxler, "I love the poster series because it so neatly recapitulates the design history of the last few decades. You see the influence of Push Pin eclecticism, California new wave, Swiss post-modernism and post- punk grunge, all passed through the unique prism of a guy working in a really small town in Switzerland."

Below are posters on a variety of subjects, followed by jazz-related posters.

Happy Earth Day!

Stop Violence, 1993

International Wheel Chair Marathon, 2010

Art in the Newspaper, 1999

Swiss Posters of the 21st Century, 2010

50 Years Helvetica, 2007

Jazz Festival Willisau, 1997

Trio 3, 1996

Jazz Festival Willisau, 1978, 1979

Two Basses, 1997

Dave Holland Bass Solo, 1995

Modern Jazz Quartet, 1992

Music of Jimi Hendrix, 1993

Keith Jarrett, 1976

Dave Holland Quintet, 1983

McCoy Tyner, 1980

Marty Ehrlich Quartet, 2006

Jazz meets India, 1983

African Echoes, 1988

Dave Pike, 1970

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