Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ads From a Simpler LIFE

"It’s only 31 miles from New York City and
is a very pleasant drive."
This gracious invitation from Con Edison to come and view the Indian Point nuclear facility, was one of two ads for nuke plants that ran in the June 16, 1967 issue of Life.

Westinghouse, who built the reactor for Connecticut Yankee, the plant at Haddam Neck, also advertised in that issue. CY was shut permanently in 1996 and has since been decommissioned.
"The plant will be a welcome neighbor—as clean and quiet
as any good neighbor could be."

"… made with Monsanto ingredients that just refuse
to go wrong—no matter who stirs them up."
A Monsanto ad in the same issue.

"We may be the only phone company in town, but we
try not to act like it."
This AT&T ad encouraged home shopping and reassured us as to just how benevolent a monopoly it was.

“Born loser” is a term we don’t hear much these days. Sure, we have high unemployment, but we’ve got high self-esteem to match. We’re all winners these days, as our kids’ shelves of meaningless trophies, prove. The only losers we tolerate now are weight losers.

One of four cigarette ads in the issue.

Remember Polaroid? This simple ad really looked great running inside the front cover.

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