Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Vested Gentress

Winking horses, yakking yaks, puppies, giraffes, frogs, and bunnies. Welcome to world of The Vested Gentress. Playful, hand-screened prints that instantly transport you to lawn parties were fresh berries and deviled eggs are always within easy reach. Think Lilly Pulitzer, but sillier and less saccharine; Vera, but sillier and less mod; Marimekko with imagery. But while those labels have storied pasts, very little is known about The Vested Gentress.

The label has developed quite a following, as ever more vintage fans discover (usually while looking for Lilly Pulitzer) these charming prints. Still, information about the company is so scarce, that I’ve yet to read anything other than what Lizzie Bramlett has had posted on the Vintage Fashion Guild site for some time now:
Vested Gentress was established in 1961 and was based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Their factory was located in Trappe, Pennsylvania, about twelve miles from Valley Forge. The company was known for whimsical screenprinted fabrics. These fabrics were made into dresses, slacks, and skirts. They also had a line of golf wear. The company closed in the late 1980s.

Time for a gin & tonic!

This winking horse, probably the best known "vg" print, is irresistible both coming and going.

Sources: Most items are/were for sale on Etsy and eBay. Other sources include Sparkles of Life, Looking 4 Lilly, RubyLemons.

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