Monday, January 23, 2012

A Sunshine State of Mind

Map of Floria in oranges and grapefruit, circa 1940s. This postcard, along with others in this post, are from the wonderful site Florida Memory.

For modern-day Florida, see tonight’s Republican reality show with Newt, Mitt, Rick & Ron.

If you’d like some visual distraction, here’s a bit of nostalgia from the Sunshine State.

Juice King orange crate label.

Ostrich Farm

Shell show catalog, St. Petersburg, 1967.

Brochure, The Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine.

Ceiling of the post office in Miami Beach. (via Flickr)

Weeki Wachee Mermaids.

Busch Gardens, Tampa.

Early Bird Special at Wolfies, in Miami Beach. (From here)

Anita Bryant in an ad for orange juice, 1970s.

The Fountainbleau Hotel, Miami Beach, and
Slim Aarons photo of the cat-shaped pool.

"A Florida Blossom Among Grapefruit and Oranges"
via Kitschy-kitschy-coo.

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