Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reader's Digest Loves All My Eyes!

Reader's Digest has named ALL MY EYES a "Website We Love" in their June iPad edition. How awesome is that?

As a life-long multi- and cross-disciplinarian, in a world of specialization, I naturally suffer from chronic identity disorder. (Am I a graphic designer? Artist? Blogger? I’ve even made a documentary. Help!) Much thanks to Barbara O'Dair and the RD team for so graciously finding a category for me—“Distraction.”

So now that you have a reason to love Reader’s Digest, you can take your iPads and download their digital edition. 

And speaking of iPads, last week I saw the fabulous show at the Met's Costume Institute, "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations." When I left the museum, I had a very exciting art-celebrity sighting. David Hockney was walking toward the museum, with a cane in one hand and his iPad (which he now paints on) in the other!

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