Thursday, August 30, 2012

Helsinki and Stockholm Posters

I think you will figure out which posters are from which city ...

Fida is a chain of charity shops. I scored some vintage Lucite-handled spoons in a pale honey color, early Ikea.

Little did I know that I would be arriving in Stockholm during Pride Week. And I certainly had no idea that the exit I took leaving H&M would land me smack in the middle of the parade. As much as the celebration is about LGBT solidarity, it also celebrates Swedish tolerance in general. 

You’ll see rainbow flags everywhere, including on buses and trams. And there were plenty of hetero couples and families enjoying the festivities.

I did not make it to the Springsteen concert in Helsinki, but I did see autograph-seeking fans. They were waiting patiently outside his hotel clutching lps. This concert was reported to have been his longest performance ever—over 4 hours.

Poster for Artek’s 75th Anniversary in 2010 by Kustaa Saksi.

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