Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hong Kong's Neon Signs

Tsui Wah Restaurant (photo submitted by Steve Schechter)

"Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK" is an online exhibition that documents the richness of Hong Kong’s neon landscape, both past and present. The public is invited to upload images which then appear on an interactive map. So far, over 1,811 images have been received.

The project is part of M+, the new museum for visual culture being built in Hong Kong, set to open in 2017. M+ Curator of Design and Architecture, Aric Chen, was just one of the many fascinating presenters at Lingua Franca, this year’s conference produced by SVA D-Crit, the graduate program in design criticism.

Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant (submitted by Steve Schechter)

Yuppie Sauna (submitted by Eugene Lo)

Cafe de Paris - Soho (submitted by francycity)

Man Lee Pawn Shop (submitted by Eugene Lo)

Eastern Night Club (submitted by @shaninred)

Club Rhine (submitted by Eugene Lo)

Sunny Paradise Sauna (submitted by lylikwok)

Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant (submitted by kingtitan77)

Kai Kee Mahjong (Living in Kwun Tong)

Wing Chun Vietnamese Food Restaurant (submitted by luk ka loo)

Sammy's Kitchen (photo: Jimmy Ming Shum)

Yee Shun Dairy Company (submitted by Eugene Lo)

Ming Fat Hair Salon (submitted by shanchow)

Tak Hing Dried Seafood (submitted by post_ism)

Ki Chan Tea Co. (submitted by Cis)

Golden Dragon Mahjong (photo: Jimmy Ming Shum)

Jumbo (submitted by Keith Chang)

Tai Tak Hardware & Paint (photo: Michael Wolf)

Lae Fu Kee Congee and Noodle Expert (photo: Jimmy Ming Shum)

Wai Yuen Tong (submitted by tannhahuser)

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  1. Those are really beautiful neon signs! Very lovely to look at. I must remember to take a quick glance at them whenever I go to HK. Thank you for sharing the photos. They are wonderful works of art and I hope more people get to appreciate them more. :)

    Justin Moydell @ Crown Neon Signs


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