Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AT&T Phone Museum Auction

Male mannequin dressed in linesman gear.

Yet another missed auction. These artifacts were from the Cleveland AT&T Museum that was housed in the basement of the former Ohio Bell Building (now called the AT&T Huron Rd. Building).

Pair of metal linesmen shoes for climbing.

Two eras of female mannequins dressed in switchboard operator garb.

20 Western Electric Desk Phone W/E receivers.

I couldn't resist combining a few separate lots to get these
classic colors all together.

And for those of you who remember the "Ghost Car," 
here's a "ghost phone!"

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Karma Chocolate and Other Addictive Dahlias

Weston Spanish Dancer

Karma Chocolate, Prince of Orange, Sakura Fubuki, Spike, Thomas Edison, Amorous. These are just a few of over 200 dahlia varieties grown at Endless Summer Flower Farm in Camden, Maine. Farmer, Phil Clark, started growing the flowers in 1997 for his daughter’s wedding. Dahlia-growing became an addiction and he now enables others who are hooked or would like to be.

As for the name, “Endless Summer Flower Farm.” Well not exactly. Camden is likely to have frost before September is over. The tubers must come out of the ground before then, not to be replanted until late April. There’s Maine humor for you.

Karma Chocolate

Happy Face

White Kelvin


Cafe Au Lait


Procyon (again)

Hamilton Lillian

Lupin Ben


Baron Kati

Colorado Classic

Dare Devil

Just Married

Thomas Edison

Pink Flair

Farmer Phil with a spectacular Cafe Au Lait.

You will definitely get high walking the fields.

A simple Ball jar will do for a vase.

Every combination is an inspiration.

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