Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Argentine Bus Tickets

Though the contents were a collagist/ephemera-lover’s dream, it was only with the utmost restraint, that I resisted the old bus ticket dispenser at the flea market in Buenos Aires this past fall. Rolls of newsprint-thin paper printed with a glorious variety of fonts and colors. The catch? I couldn’t just buy a few tickets; I would have to buy the whole thing. And no matter how low the price went, I kept picturing myself six months from then, still not having found a spot for the hunk of metal in my tiny NYC apartment, yet being incapable of throwing it out.

While writing a post about the buses themselves, I found an entire site dedicated to Argentina's buses, for background. That's where I spotted LA HISTORIA DEL BOLETO, and found way more tickets than I could have possibly brought home ...

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  1. An online collection and art experiment that pays homage to vintage argentinian bus tickets.

    In the times when this tickets were in use, people used to collect them. The big goal was to have the entire collection, from ticket number 00000 to number 99999.

    This collection was created with using NodeBox (an application for generative art) and a python script to automate the upload of tickets to flickr.

    The script that creates the tickets continuously picks a random ticket number, if that number was not picked previously, the ticket was created and uploaded to flickr. The entire collection took about one month and a week to complete.

    Here you can see the resulting collection:



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