Thursday, October 7, 2010

Subway Subsidies & Gap's New Logo

With the MTA’s financial woes in the news, here’s what occurred to me while on the Long Island Railroad platform the other day. Why should the MTA promote the Gap every time someone steps onto a train? WATCH THE GAP could easily be WATCH THE SPACE or WATCH THE CHASM. But since the word "GAP" is in use, why doesn't the company just sponsor the MTA signage and have their logo seen every time someone steps onto a train? Imagine how favorably we would all think of the company that saved us from another fare hike.

And the timing is perfect--I just read that the Gap is changing their logo to Helvetica! And black!!!

A couple of other corporate subsidies that came to mind …

How about the No. 5 Train sponsored by Chanel?

Or Subway (the sandwich concern) subsidizing the entrances? That has got to be a no-brainer.

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