Tuesday, November 23, 2010


If, in the year 1968, you were not a preteen girl fully immersed in the study of grooming products and all things mod, you are excused for not knowing about the amazing nonwater shampoo-substitute that came in a can.

Yes, PSSSSSST was a powder-based spray to be used when you just didn’t have time to wash your hair, and then roll it around a giant coffee can to dry it straight.

What I could not have known then, was how perfect it would be to immortalized a bit of PSSSSSST advertising (along with all things Beatles or ladybug) on yet another iconic fad of the day—a decoupaged lunch-box handbag.
I’ve read that, like numerous other products of days gone by, the dry shampoo has been re-introduced! "Between Shampoos- On Camping Trips- After Sports. Any time you can't use water. Psssssst is the convenient, quick fresher-upper for your hair."

Yup, that's Susan Dey, "washing" her hair. I found this image at Gold Country Girls.

My mom has sold her house and is moving to an apartment. I’ll be posting more nostalgia as the excavating and purging continues.


  1. Did you recognize Susan Dey -- from the Partridge Family -- in the Psst ad? It's definitely her -- I googled it. She must be all of 15 here.

  2. That mod can was a fixture in our household. There were 3 girls in my family and my mother would Psssst us all in a huge frenzy Sunday morning just before going to church, since invariably no one would have washed her hair on Saturday night. Must be clean for the Lord. The TV commercial, if I remember correctly, had a jingle that went: P-S-S-S-S-T, oh YEAH!


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