Monday, April 11, 2011

The ABCs of Fairy Dust

Very few stores are better at sensory overload than ABC Carpet & Home. Even when you think you cannot absorb one more dazzling display, pattern, color or texture, ABC’s “Visual Team” successfully manages to impose yet another layer of retinal stimulation.

So it was at a recent event held at the store, that I found myself under the spell of what the ABC employees call “fairy dust.” It might appear as glittery graffiti on a mid-century étagère, or as carefully arranged dried buds peeking out from under a porcelain dinner plate. Even when the pixies take it up a notch for special events the effect remains subtle as the sparkles, petals and powders blend naturally with the flickering candles and the ambient surface reflections. After last week’s Apartment Therapy meetup, where Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, daughter of George Nakashima, talked about the work of Nakashima Studios, I had to take a closer look at these ethereal flourishes.

“Fairy dust” also graces the always otherworldly store windows.

Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, signing books, after her presentation.

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