Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Read This While Driving!

(via flickr Christian Montone)

Driver’s manuals are probably the only official booklet a teenager will gladly study. For along with a successful parallel parking job, passing a written exam is required for a driver’s license. The manuals, of course, are available online now, with some states even charging for a printed version. Here’s a selection, most from a time before “texting” was a word.

Illinois, 1958

Illinois, 1965

Illinois, 1969

New York, 1962

U.S. Army, 1942

Code Rousseau, France, 1972

Australia, 1950s

General Motors, 1953

Virginia, 2002-2003

Florida, 1950s

Top, Iowa and Arizona. Bottom New York, 1959,60,61.

Missouri, early 1960s

Oklahoma, 2010

Rules of the Road, 2003
(Interactive driver's ed course)


  1. Fun! I actually remember reading the very same 1965 Illinois "Rules of the Road", though not when I was four years old. I think it got thrown in with in the pile magazines that were intended to be read someday but, of course, never were.

  2. Illinois definitely has the best covers. I'm going to look for more of them.


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