Monday, May 21, 2012

Fishs Eddy Social Media Portraits

Reverse side: “Well why not?”

It had been ages since I’d visited Fishs Eddy. The tableware emporium on 19th St. in Manhattan, is as packed as ever with its mixture of vintage and vintage-inspired restaurant china, barware, linens, and serving accessories. And those vintage paintings.

Though the thrift shop portraits have always imparted a family-attic mustiness to the decor, they have traditionally not been for sale. Now, however, you can take some of these anonymous characters from the past home with you on a set of ten coasters or printed on a tote bag. And it turns out that online there is a selection of originals for purchase. A few have also been pressed into service as business cards (they would make great posters) encouraging customers to connect via social media.

I picked these cards up at the register …

Reverse side: “… or fans”

Reverse side: “… sweet.”

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