Sunday, June 3, 2012

60 Shades of Queen

In a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s signature style of monochromatically coordinated outfits, Pantone has issued this dazzling color wheel for the Diamond Jubilee.

The wheel, which was devised for Pantone by Leo Burnett London, assigns numbers and colors to specific outfits worn by the Queen on various occasions. Take Pantone 13-0755. That would be the Primrose Yellow she wore to the wedding of Will and Kate, which “speaks to the future with hope and optimism.”

The creators may have gotten a bit carried away with symbolism, however. Here’s the explication of Pantone 13-5414.
During the Queen’s landmark state visit to Ireland, the first since the country gained independence in the 1920s, she was seen in a cool shade of green. Her colour choice echoed the sentiment of her visit as green is widely seen to symbolise new beginnings, fresh thoughts and rejuvenation.
And here I thought the wearing of  Ice Green to Ireland spoke entirely for itself.

Don't expect a royal color wheel as a Pantone promo. It was printed in an extremely limited edition of 60.


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