Friday, November 2, 2012

Delays Guaranteed

I am so very grateful to be safe, sound and fully electrified on New York’s Upper West Side. I cannot even begin to imagine the hardship so many are experiencing in the aftermath of Sandy’s brutality.

With close to 20,00 flight cancellations due to the storm, and New York area airports reopening with  limited schedules, I think we can safely count on there being lots of delays. I know the frustration well. Last year, I had to wait out Irene for a week in Zagreb (no complaint there) until I could get a flight back to NYC. While I never imagined that LaGuardia would become a lake, I have spent the better part of a day watching it become pond-like. I’ve cycled through the stages of delay—from rage to zen-like acceptance, and I have logged many irretrievable hours on the tarmac. Here are some airport/airplane sketches from over the years.

Just thinking about taking a flight in the next week makes me feel very lucky to be sitting at my computer listening to the sound of distant buzz saws.

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