Monday, December 31, 2012


A few years ago, a couple I know started a year-end tradition of leaving the comforts and distractions of their wired lives behind to spend New Year’s Eve in a cabin at Temenos, a retreat in Western Massachusetts.

When this couple got married in October, Temenos’s, 78 acres of woods, trails and a handful of cabins became the site of post-wedding festivities for a small group of friends and family. There is no electricity or running water, but each cabin has a wood stove. The cabin pictured above, built around the tree trunk is where I stayed. While it rained most of the weekend, I was thankful for the mild early autumn temperatures.

I'm posting it as the anti-Times Square this New Year’s Eve.

Wishing a peaceful and wonderful 2013 to all!

There was twig "hardware" throughout.

The lodge has a kitchen with a "Modern Glenwood Home Grand" stove and some books.

Outhouse with a view.

My first purple mushrooms!

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