Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Posters of Dr. Hans Sachs

The legendary poster collection of Hans Sachs, the German dentist and the foremost collector of posters in early 20th Century Europe is being auctioned this weekend by Guernsey’s. Sachs began his collection of what he called “a new kind of advertising art,” as a teenager at the turn of the century and went on to amass over 12,000 posters. He was responsible for founding a society in 1905 to advance poster collecting and scholarship, and launched an associated magazine, Das Plakat with the designer, Lucian Bernhard.

On Kristallnacht, in November of 1938, by order of Nazi propagandist-in-chief Josef Goebbels, the collection was confiscated. The collector’s great granddaughter writes of how, at gunpoint, Sachs loaded his collection onto three awaiting trucks and never saw it again. Read her fascinating story of the creation, loss and rediscovery of this vast collection here.

In the interest of actually getting these images posted, I’ve done away with the annotations. (Is the unannotated post worth posting? I hope so.) You can find all the info here.

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  1. You wrote: “(Is the unannotated post worth posting? I hope so.) You can find all the info here.”

    The answer is yes, especially if you have the generosity of providing your readers with a link where they can find those annotations. Following the links you provided us with, I’ve found even more info here:



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