Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Found Fashion Snaps

It’s Fashion Week in NYC--as good an excuse as any to run these anonymous snapshots from eBay. Gone are the identities and any personal connection to the subjects. The clothing has taken over as subject matter, much as an old car or landmark might.

This girl might very well be showing off a creation of her own, as these popular circle skirts were often homemade. Here's one for sale on eBay now!

Sure, it was junior's bar mitzvah, but mom was not
about to be upstaged.

Man after man promised they would make
her a famous movie star, and she
always believed them.

The Princess Di look to a tee.

Clearly, about to make the scene ...

Career gals

Wonderful button passages.

There was a time when young girls weren't allowed
to wear animal prints or black.

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