Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Doesn't Stay in Vegas

Bonanza Gift and Souvenir Shops in Las Vegas calls itself the world’s largest gift shop, a claim I have no reason whatsoever to doubt. I found myself there a while back with some friends who could not return home empty-handed. I, however, had no need for souvenirs. After leafing through the only book in the store, “The Art of Pole Dancing, A Spin-by-Spin Guide,” I had plenty of time to document the array and variety of tchotchkes.
It’s yet another example of the aesthetic principle of multiples or repetition, which I mentioned in a post a while back. In the words of Ivan Chermayeff, “If something ugly is repeated and remains ugly, it only means that it has not been repeated often enough.”

You Probably now have a headache after just looking at these pictures. Imagine actually being there!

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