Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Being Practical

Many years ago I purchased “Practical Ventriloquism” in a thrift shop. Mine was a 1938 edition of the Robert Ganthony tract first published in 1883.

Having grown up in the age of “How To,” the use of “practical” in that sense was unfamiliar enough, that the title always had me wondering: Were there other books out there on alternative aspects of voice throwing? Theoretical ventriloquism, perhaps? Or experimental?

By now, even “How To” is dated and has long since given way to “DIY,” and “For Dummies.” Ventriloquism for Dummies, anyone?

Here are a few other “practical” books …

Here are some of the dyed feather samples included in the book. I love the dreamy seaweed-like quality. Dye recipes for each can be found in the text.

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