Saturday, April 12, 2014

Letters From a Photo Auction

Aaron Siskind (1903-1991)
"Lithuanian Store"
Silver print, 1957

The items in the upcoming auction, “The Vernacular Eye: Photographic Albums, Snapshots & Objects” are on view now at Swann Galleries until the sale on April 17. In addition to photos of spiritual apparitions, chain gangs, and early aviation, you’ll find albums of criminal mug shots, advertising photography and photo objects.

If you’ve ever considered collecting, say, photos about typography, this would be a great place to start.

Berenice Abbott (1898-1991)
"Jacob Heymann Butcher Shop, 345 Sixth Avenue"
Silver print, 1938

Walker Evans (1903-1975)
Bowery lunchroom, New York, New York.
Silver print, 1933-34

Georgia moonshiner from collection
of "Hooch" vernacular.
Silver prints, 1960s

William Klein (1928-)
"William Klein New York 54/55"
Portfolio of 12 silver prints, 1954-55

Yasushi Nagao (1930-2009)
Death of Inejiro Asanuma.
Silver print, 1960

This Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph shows the death of Asanuma, a Japanese politican and leader of the Socialist party. He was assassinated by an extremist nationalist while speaking in a televised political debate. His violent death was seen in graphic detail on national television, causing widespread public shock and outrage.

Ralph Steiner (1899-1986)
"Typewriter Keys"
Silver print, 1921-22

Nat Fein (1914-2000)

"Babe Bows Out"
Silver print, 1948

Photo album of window displays for Kleinhans Co., 
Buffalo, NY, 1919-26.

Post-Victorian vernacular photograph
Bromide print, circa 1910

No typography here, but I refuse to be constrained, even by my own self-selected topics.

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