Friday, May 9, 2014

MANA, Morris, Meier

Earlier this year, I visited polymath, Debie Morris at her weaving studio in MANA, the multiuse art center in Jersey City.

The materials Morris incorporates into her pieces range from rarefied filament imported from Japan to scavenged marine rope, foil, and recording tape. She also spins plastic bags into yarn, shibori-prints yardage, and generates surface design with mathematical software.

In addition to her adventures in fiber, Morris performs with a gamelan orchestra, is an accomplished cook, and teaches herself foreign languages.

MANA is the new home of the Richard Meier Model Museum. Meier has designed the MANA Exposition opening Saturday May 10. There will be shuttle buses to and from Manhattan.

Drop in on Debie Morris if you are visiting MANA this weekend.

Apologies for the out-of-focus image, but I couldn't not show you this vintage step-stool recovered in African-printed fabric.

Debie Morris amongst her looms.

The hanging scarves are printed with mathematical software-generated patterns.

The Richard Meier Model Museum houses over 150 models including that of the Getty Center, above.

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