Thursday, May 21, 2015

Barneys, Asleep?

Dreamy as they are, I am definitely having a (slight) problem with these Alex Katz-imprinted pillowcases Barneys issued.  With same-sex marriage front and center as an issue, it’s hard to know if this offering should be categorized as retro, dictatorial, or simply out of touch?

Did they miss Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg invoking the power vested in her by the Constitution of The United States, while officiating at last Sunday’s same-sex wedding in Washington D.C?

In this day and age these pillowcases should surely be available as two men, two females, or singly, even!

I wonder how their celebrated Creative Ambassador-at-Large, Simon Doonan, and hubby Jonathan Adler would weigh in? 

The full line of Katz-ware includes mugs, candles, totes, etc.

Set of drinking glasses

Dog-print pillow

Cashmere throw

Terrycloth beach blanket (front and reverse)

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