Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Jealous of The Jealous Curator!

What a brilliantly simple idea—find art that thrills you because it’s so smart, beautiful, original, etc. and post it, while ranting that you wish you had thought of doing it.

The Jealous Curator defines her site as “A collection of artwork that inspires and depresses me. I know it’s good when I’m left thinking DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT”

So, she gets to post great stuff, while channeling all that jealous energy in a positive direction. DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT!

Here are some of her finds--the artist's name links to The Jealous Curator's post. After that I link to the artist's website…

Lauren Dicioccio, This is not a plastic bag. It is EMBROIDERY ON ORGANZA!! Her website is here.

Kelly Reemsten , her website here.

Wayne White Great use of thrift shop art. His website is here.

Tina Berning, her website is here.

Gary Taxali, his website is here.

Vivian Maier, website for her photos is here.

Xavier Veilhan, his website is here.

Holly Farrell, her website is here.

Joe Ryckebosch, his website is here.

Tiina Heiska, her website is here.

Lauren Dicioccio (again), her website is here. She explains the method to her madness ...
‘I lay a sheet of frosted mylar over a magazine page. I assign a color to every letter (numbers are shades of greyscale) and apply tiny dots of paint over every character on the page according to my color-code.’

Archie Scott Gobber, his website is here.

Sarah Williams, her website is here.

Anthony Zinonos I’m jealous of his cool initials! His website is here.

Mairead O’hEocha, see more of here work here.

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