Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cartridge Display Boards

Be it a pyramid of oranges at the greengrocer’s, a Whitman Sampler, a strand of graduated pearls, or even data on a spreadsheet, there is something supremely satisfying and comforting about an orderly arrangement. Its appeal is so primal and basic, that even ammo, when carefully mounted and displayed, is quite beautiful.

UK companies Eley, founded in 1820, and Kynoch, established in 1862, eventually became part of Nobel Industries. This board is c. 1910

Kynoch Ammunition

Nobel Cartridge Display Board

Nobel Industries, Eley cartridge display board

Gevelot cartridge display board

Winchester display board

U.S. Cartridge Co. cartridge board, c. 1886. Great frame!

Eley's Sporting ammunition board

Eley ammunition cartridge display board

Nobel Industries, comprehensive arrangement illustrating every stage in the 'Manufacture Of A 5/8in. Lined Cartridge' from blank and plain tube components to the finished 'Zenith' Gastight cartridge in both complete and cut-away form.

This silk-scarf design is taken from a 1935 Purdey cartridge display. 35” x 36”, $351

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