Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elvis Is In The Classroom

Act-a-like, look-a-like and sound-a-like, are the three basic aspects of impersonation at the core of the workshop, ‘Elvis Was Here.’ What’s unusual about this training is that takes place in primary schools throughout the UK. The hope is that under the tutelage of Elvis Tribute Artist Paul Richie, enough children will qualify for the minimum Elvis standard to break the world record for the ‘Most Elvis Impersonators in One Location.’

The project was orchestrated by Onkar Kular, a conceptual designer who uses various media to address social and cultural issues—in this case, questions concerning the legal definition of impersonation and authenticity.

Elvis portraits, acrylic on paper

The ‘Elvis Was Here’ day took place in 2008 at St Saviour's Church of England primary school in Herne Hill, London ...

9:00 am Elvis Assembly, lecture, and performance

10:00 am Elvis life drawing class

11:30 am Elvis fashion class

2:30 pm Final Elvis ‘Hound Dog’ performance

Group snarl & point

Photographs by Thierry Bal

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