Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off-Black and Nude

Welcome to the world of hosiery. The subject really deserves its own one-word-titled book like Salt or Cod because ‘enmeshed’ in the history of “Hose” you’ll find the history of, among other things, technology, sexuality, art, the women’s movement, natural resources, and cross-dressing.

Like any other specialty item, legwear has a language all its own. I’m pretty sure that “Nude-to-waist” is a technical term and while “off-white” can be found everywhere, in the realm of hosiery, "Off Black” is a standard color.

And the packaging…

Three illustrated boxes from the mid-1950s.

I'm just crazy about these Deco boxes from Old Nylons. They sell original vintage hosiery, and carry many rare, boxed specimens that sell for upward of $100. The site also provides details about the manufacturing process and the mills.

White space-age chairs, Pucci prints,
purple & orange—so very 1960s.

This type of cut-out-peek-a-boo packaging became very popular as a way to show color. But there's no way around it, if there are no samples to fondle, one must occasionally violate the taped plastic package.

I don’t quite get it, but Warren Beatty seems to have wandered from Shampoo (1975), onto the set of Saturday Night Fever (1977).

Sources and sites for more "sheer" hosiery delight:
SSSH960 Nylons Collector on flickr. A vast trove of hose pix. Many brands, and photos of what's inside all those lovely boxes--the protective tissue paper, the paper bands, etc. Many thanks to Alain for use of images.
Sleek 'n Chic, Deedeebon, and Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day for Touch of Soul package.

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