Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Typographic Triangulation

Felt pennants with names of colleges or sports teams are what come to mind when I think of graduated type set within a triangle. I have no idea if the ‘pennant’ was ever a popular format for signs, but since there are only two examples in Manhattan that I know of, it’s clearly not very common today.
The 35th St. vintage metal awning of The New Yorker Hotel is one, with thin, art deco-style letters, set against a black background.

The other is a Laundromat on West 79th St. with black mod/deco letters on bright yellow.

Last year I saw some triangular Kiosco awnings in Buenos Aires.

I just want to add here that the graduated lettering on the metal awning is only one of several type styles to be found on the structure of the New Yorker Hotel. I have no doubt that a good sleuth could find enough typographic evidence to piece together the building’s entire 80-year history.

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