Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aspects of New York City: Vintage Posters

These fantastic posters, were given to the City of New York by the Container Corporation of America. The New York Times reported On April 24, 1969, that the first 10 of a planned total of 50 were presented at a ceremony in City Hall. They were to be displayed in public places throughout the city including subway platforms and community clubs.

I was able to track down nine of the first ten, and have no idea if the other 40 were ever produced. The series, titled “Aspects of New York City ,” is in the collection of MoMA, but not viewable online. Posters Please has, has most of these for sale.
They may not all be masterpieces, but I think quite a few are total knockouts. And although the nine posters make for a very nice grid, I’m still (as they might say at the Minyan) looking for the tenth.

Harlem, New York 125th Street
Peter Teubner

Peter Teubner

Wall St.
Tomoko Miho

65 Bridges to New York
Tomoko Miho

Metropolitan Museum
Peter Teubner

United Nations
Peter Teubner

Lincoln Center
Giulio Cittato

Tomoko Miho

Empire City/Empire State
Tomoko Miho

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  1. Displaying vintage city posters in public is good. At least the citizens will learn to appreciate our previous artists who have created these artistic posters.


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