Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stocking Hosiery

A hosiery display I saw in Berlin employed a very clever system to encourage the proper replacement of removed packages, to the shelf. The bottom portion of the package image is repeated on the shelf slot where it belongs. Easy, right? Just match up the pix, and that package of panty hose, knee-highs, etc. will end up right where it is supposed to be (see below). Unless, for some reason, that doesn’t happen (above). The display then becomes one of those mix-and-match flipbooks. Results can be anything from hilarious to headache-inducing.

The display, when all goes according to plan.

How long till I get used to these bifocals?

It only took a slight misalignment to give the illusion
of a broken ankle.

And those ink runs had better be perfect too.

Here’s another brand that tried, just as unsuccessfully, the same “clever” approach.

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