Monday, December 12, 2011

Tattooed Glove Love

These tattoo-covered vintage leather gloves are the work of Chicago-based artist Ellen Greene. I’ll spare you the disappointment I suffered and tell you right away that these gloves are not wearable. They are to be collected and displayed as the works of art that they are.

Whenever I see white leather gloves, I'm reminded of how far away the recent past really is. They are neither rare nor particularly valuable, and can be easily found at any thrift shop or flea market. I imagine that many pairs of white gloves remain today, in drawers of women who probably never imagined that such a classic accessory would be totally obsolete in their lifetimes. While the simple strand of pearls managed to survive the feminist movement, the white kid glove became absolute road-kill. Even if they were to make a comeback, most of these delicate and exquisite symbols of ladylikeness are too small for today’s hands. How wonderful to see them get a life. I love that the images they are covered with, would have been unimaginable to their original owners.

From the website: “White gloves evoke a sense of purity and of formality, while the art of tattooing may suggest carnal sexuality and rebellion. The tension between the two helps define Greene's personal aesthetic, as well as her original tattoo-inspired designs which adorn these vintage gloves.”

I’ve posted the tamer ones here, so definitely go see the rest on Greene’s website. Prices range roughly from $500 to $1000 a pair. Take a look at the works on paper, those starts as low as $150.

Gloves may not be such an unimaginative gift, after all!

Okay, she mostly uses white gloves. I'm crazy about the reverse scrimshaw effect of this white-on-black pair.

via Who Killed Bambi?

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