Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Global Warnings

Now, I know you do not need more proof that there is global warming, but if you’d like to actually see the effects that climate change is having on our planet, watch this TED talk by James Balog (you'll have to go the the link, embedding slows down the page load too much). You will witness actual footage, created with time lapse photography, of glaciers melting and retreating. Stunning.

Below, posters from a 2008 exhibit at the Max Huber Museum in Switzerland.

PREPARE TO MIGRATE, Handoko Tjung, Indonesia

USE BOTH SIDES, Rebeca Ramírez Guerra, Mexico

TIME COVERS Oct. 19, 1987 The Heat is On; April 9, 2001 Global Warming; April 3, 2006 Be Worried, Be Very Worried

Humble Oil ad in Life magazine, 1962. From treehugger, where you can read the grisly details.

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