Saturday, December 5, 2009

Low Rollers

When I found this cigarette card of a ‘horizontal bicycle’ in the archive of the New York Public Library, I just had to send it to my friend Shelly Mossey at Urban Mobility Project. You may have seen him on the streets of NYC or on Martha’s Vineyard—usually with his wife Rachel and son Jackson—and always on a recumbent bike. His fleet includes a recumbent pedicab and a recumbent tandem. Always looking ahead, he shot me this futuristic creature called the Pardo, short for cheetah in Spanish. It’s been prototyped and tested, and I hope to see Shelly on a family version sometime soon. See details on Treehugger.


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  2. Winning Forbidden!
    The cigarette card is the amazing Velocar.The
    Velocar dominated pro racing in France and then BANNED! The racing federation decided it was not a bicycle at all,ha,ha....too bad for you! Well, since then Recumbents have cracked speeds over 80mph,good thing they acted quickly and banned them!

    I guess recumbent builders like cats
    The Cheetah
    Wind Cheetah and Catrike.

    Shelly Mossey


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