Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sophie Cook, Genius in a Bottle

I gasped when I spotted the pastel chorus line of vessels in Daily Candy, of all places. I quickly clicked on the thumbnail and was taken to Horne, the online purveyor of beautiful objects. When I saw the lineup full scale, I was truly overcome with awe and delight. I then went on to the British ceramicist’s website and got to savor the porcelain pods, teardrops, and bottles individually. The shapes, colors, postures and surface subtlety makes for quite a visual feast.

Each piece is hand thrown and, as Cook describes it, “every piece is a challenge to make as porcelain is such a fluid medium on the wheel. I can throw up to six pieces a day but rarely, if ever, do all six survive the making and firing processes. On average, three will make it to their final destination.”

You know how many artists say that they are inspired by nature? I’m thinking that in Sophie Cook’s case it might be the other way around.

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