Friday, March 4, 2011

Infographics Contest: Land a Jumbo Jet with Nigel Holmes

The folks at Lonely Planet are publishing ‘How to Land a Jumbo Jet,’ which they describe as a “visual guide to the world - a collection of cultural and travel-inspired infographics and visualisations of all kinds.”

And they want you to be in it. They are asking for submissions of ideas for visualizations from which they will commission content for the book.

Okay, there are plenty of infographics “contests” out there which are usually nothing more than clever, but thinly disguised attempts at getting free content from eager, creative, workaholics. But this is the real deal. The selected work will not end up on a web gallery, but printed on a full spread in a published book.

You will be paid for material to be published, and directed through the development and production of the graphic by infographics guru, Nigel Holmes. Getting paid to have Nigel work with you—I don’t think you can do any better than that.

Here's what they're looking for:
We want infographics that illuminate, entertain and inform. We want them to be great examples of information design, and we want the information in them to be true and for them to have a good degree of integrity. That doesn't mean they can't be light-hearted though!

They don't need to be about travel per se, they just need to provide an insight into the world from the perspective of a traveller. So it's not just a case of planes, trains & automobiles ... (Though it could be!)

How to submit an entry:
If you have an idea that you think would make a great infographic or visualisation for our book, read this section on submitting an idea, then simply email us with your submission.

Your idea doesn't haven't to be complete - sketches, mock-ups or even a written pitch for your concept are fine, just make sure you've read the project terms.

Start thinking!
Not sure what to create your graphic about?
-Visualise cultural faux pas for a particular country
-Show classic souvenirs from around the world
-Compare the popularity of chilli in a local cuisine with the happiness index of that culture.
-How about a world map featuring hotspots of tourism activity at Christmas time
Check out this infographic from David McCandless on reducing your odds of dying in a plane crash.

Stay tuned, my next post will be some visual inspiration for all info-jetsetters ...

Good Luck!

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