Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Peace Corps Posters


Fifty years ago, President Kennedy signed an Executive Order establishing the Peace Corps. The selection of posters calling for Peace Corps Volunteers and Partners over the years, is from the organization’s digital collection. Except for a series produced by Young & Rubicam in the late 1960s, there’s very little in the way of attribution for design. I’ve included dates where available.


Designed in 1968, by Bernie Zlotnick while he worked
at Young & Rubicam.

Also by Young & Rubicam, 1968.

In the copy with “The Peace Corps ruined my Bernie’s life,” Bernie’s mom explains how she had everything worked out for him—whom he would marry, where he would live (two blocks from her), she even had the furniture picked out. 1968.

This 1970 Peter Max poster was not an official Peace Corps issue. The artist has produced many posters throughout the years for various causes to which the proceeds are donated.

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  1. Do you know if there is a good site to buy prints of these old posters?


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